Welcome to the Macintosh Info and How to Archives. Here you can learn many things about your Mac from how to use the system to how to upgrade the computer. Included are guides to help you make your purchases and instructions for installing new hardware and software. To start on your learning experience, scroll down and make a selection.

I have also listed many items for sale since buying online offers a much wider selection of Mac products at cheaper prices than in stores (if you've ever been Mac shopping you know how limited and expensive stores are with Mac products). All orders are safe and secure. You can chose from a variety of shipping methods; sometimes, shipping is built into the price shown.

Don't forget: you should always check the product specs to make sure that a product is compatible with you computer. Your computer's technical information should be included in the documentation that came with it.

If you can't find the answers you're looking for, head over to the Help Center. You can also contact me from there and find installation instructions. I have also made it so that you can search this site.

Info about Apple's G4 computers.

I want to....

Use DOS and Windows applications on my Mac. Increase the amount of memory (RAM) in my computer.
Add 3Dfx, Glide, or Rave support to my Mac. Increase the storage space on my computer.
Make my own webpage. Get my own pictures, videos, and sounds onto my computer.
Learn how to attach external SCSI and USB devices. Add 3D audio support to my Mac
Watch DVD's on my computer. Make my own audio and data CD's.
Manage my finances on my Mac. Get a joystick, mouse, gamepad, or other input device for my Mac.
Get adapters or cables so that I can use my equipment. Have my computer display more colors and resolutions.
Find the best games for my Mac. Get the utilities I need to save important files and keep my computer running smoothly.
Get the printer best suited to my needs. Get the internet/networking equipment I need.
Buy a new Macintosh. Upgrade the processor on my Mac.
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